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Murrayfield Nursery

Our Vision

"A home away from home experience for all where the children are at the centre of everything we do"

Our Values

Bold - We support children in becoming courageous, confident and leaders of their own learning ready to take on the new challenges.

Respectful - We demonstrate appropriate care and concern for everyone we interact with and treat them as equals.

Inclusive - We respond to the needs of each individual child, ensuring that they are supported to learn, contribute and participate - regardless of individual need, background or circumstances 

Inclusive - We respond to the needs of each individual child, ensuring that they are supported to learn, contribute and participate regardless of individual needs, background or circumstances.

Growth - As children grow and develop, their play environment should too.   Children are involved in a play-based approach to learning where they can interact with natural and authentic, real world objects.

Harmony - We provide warm open spaces for all where they feel relaxed and comfortable.

Trust - We strive to create close bonds between home and nursery that enables children to explore and learn,  safe in the knowledge that they can rely on adult support and guidance, when need.

Baby rooms

The environment we provide for our youngest children is centred around providing welcoming & stimulating experiences to encourage curiosity at this early stage. Staff work closely with the pre-birth to three curriculum to support our under twos in these early stages of development also providing a high level of personal care, interaction and routine based on each child's individual stage of development..


Toddler room

Our toddler room is setup to cater for the 2-3 years age group, where children will build confidence and independence. Qualified staff work with all relevant guidance and curriculum to support our toddlers in play experiences to achieve their goals and explore their interests to make sense of the world around them.


Young learners 

Our young learners’ rooms are setup to cater for our children aged 3-5 years, these children enjoy a free flow system between both of their rooms and the outdoor space allowing them to make decisions about their learning. Qualified staff in this room work closely with the curriculum for excellence with a focus on mathematics, literacy and health and wellbeing to both support and challenge children to progress and achieve in their learning working towards preparation for moving into primary 1. The young learners room offers a wide range of resources such as Cosy areas, IT access, crafts and role play areas.

Outdoor experiences 

On our premises we provide a large garden and decking area for children to explore freely providing lots of opportunities for exploration and problem solving such as using our water wall, large loose parts and construction area were children can build co-ordination, gross motor skills & use their imaginations to create. On our large grassy area of the garden the children love to use our climbing frames and explore a large sand pit and sensory corner.


Our community

Our nursery is situated in the Murrayfield area of Edinburgh surrounded with fantastic opportunities for outdoor learning such as local walks and parks, the children also regularly explore the local woods on Corstorphine hill where they love to take part in climbing and den building. We regularly visit the local care homes to take part in a range of activities and using the local libraries and shops.

Hannah Fowler

Our Murrayfield manager has been with us for 9 years, starting out as a modern apprentice and working her way through the positions in the nursery as a qualified practitioner, room senior, & deputy during this time she has gained a qualification in SVQ Level 4.


You can also find out more about us and what we get up to on our facebook page.

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