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Welcome to Bright Sparks Nursery

We provide full-time and flexible part-time daycare for children aged 0-5 years at our two locations in Edinburgh.


We opened our doors in 2004, and have a wonderful team of staff with many years of experience in providing high quality childcare. Our whole ethos encourages the children in our care to develop physical, emotional and social skills at their own pace. Our team ensure your child is cared for based on their own individual needs and preferences.


Our nurseries are fully equipped modern facilities with large secure gardens. Convenient for public transport while also having free unrestricted parking on the doorstep. Both nurseries are converted residential properties, which allows our children to feel happy and comfortable, and life at the nursery to be as close to home as possible.

Food & Nutrition

We work closely with the Setting the table document to ensure well-balanced and healthy menus are planned for all the children in our care. We employ an in-house chef who prepares all meals & snacks fresh every day ensuring a high quality and wide variety is available for every child. We also cater for any special dietary requirements set out for individual children. Children are also involved in the selection and preparation of snacks in the nursery allowing us to promote a positive approach to healthy eating and develop the children’s understanding of how to keep themselves healthy.


We are registered and fully approved by the Care Inspectorate and all other relevant bodies.


Our original Murrayfield nursery on Saughton Crescent is situated just off Corstorphine Road, and our newer Blackhall nursery is on Telford Road. Both are ideally located for parents combining work and family responsibilities.

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